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Hair Transplant Turkey

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In the broadest sense, hair transplantation comprises the epidermal extraction of hair follicles genetically resistant to balding from that zone of the posterior scalp between the ears, and the dermal transplantation of these follicles on the anterior scalp where hair is expected to grow.

Today, among the hair transplantation techniques, FUE technique is the most commonly used one with a proven success. Thanks to the FUE technique, it is possible to achieve natural and aesthetically satisfying results with no scars left. FUE technique also ensures a more comfortable post-operation recovery period.

Regarding the FUE hair transplantation, the most important concern of patients is the answer to the question: “Will I suffer any pain during hair transplantation?” Hair transplantation operations are among those interventions which provide a high level of patient comfort. Just a mild level of pain is felt during local anesthesia injection at the beginning of the operation, and the rest of the hair transplantation operation after this stage is entirely painless.

FUE hair transplant operation can be divided into three stages.

The first stage consists of the extraction of hair follicles by a plastic surgeon. This stage takes an average of 1-2 hours.

The second stage consists of planning and incising the hair canals. This procedure -also performed by a plastic surgeon- takes 30-45 minutes.

During the third stage, hair follicles are inserted inside the canals opened. And the hair transplant operation is completed with a proper dressing. This takes 2-3 hours.

Hair is washed on the first day following hair transplant and the patient is taught how to wash their hair gently. This procedure, usually done the next morning, takes 15 minutes. You can travel immediately after that.

The points among hair shafts for inserting the follicles are incised by microsurgical technique with the help of magnifier equipment. There is no risk regarding this procedure for those patients with an apparent thinning, who have non-hairy scalp large enough among the follicles.

Considering the risk of doing harm to existing hair, hair transplant is not recommended for those individuals who are experiencing the beginning stages of hair loss and whose hair does not show an apparent thinning. In such cases, medical treatments are tried first.

If necessary, hair transplant can be repeated 3-4 times depending on the density and the number of the hair follicles on the donor site.

A second hair transplant can be planned in cases of continuing rapid hair loss, with patients who desire a high density of hair, for the purpose of providing a hairy scalp on those sites where no prior transplantation has been done, and for the purpose of correcting the outcome with those patients who have had an unsuccessful hair transplant in some other clinic.

No permanent scars are left after the FUE hair transplant operation.

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