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5 Suggestions to Prevent Hair Loss

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We all know that there is not a certain answer for how to prevent hair loss. Hair loss problem is an essential part of our life with all the new terms brought along.

Many years ago, our vocabulary for hair was consisted from hair, combing, and shampoo; now we are under small scale bombardment of new terms.

Hair transplantation, prp hair treatment, FUE hair transplantation, minoxidil, graft, Norwood, keratin, genetic hair loss, DHT, alopecia, and many more are the terms that should be known by the ones who suffer from hair loss.

Hair is a vital part of our healthy appearance. Regardless of hair loss type, it is known fact that healthier bodies resist hair loss more than others. In this context, here are six suggestions for you to remember against hair loss:

Scalp and scalp care

Problems on scalp would not cause hair loss every time, but speeds up the hair loss process. Healthy scalp is the basic component for healthy hair. One of the first things you should do is washing your hair regularly and moisture it as needed.

Too much heat and too many chemicals are enemies of the hair

Overheating from both sunlight and hair styling processes harms your hair.

Damage on hair protein, keratin, literally means burnt of hair. Our scalp is harmed along with our hair. Possible results are thinning of hair and hair loss.

The right hair care product for your hair

We can encounter with hair care products and treatments in any part of our lives. You might need to see an expert in order to determine the right product. Your first step should be determining which product you need for your hair thinning and hair loss.

Style your hair naturally

There is a limit for everything in nature, and exceeding these limits will definetly cause harm. Exceeding limits while styling your hair will damage it and it will be open for possible hair problems. Pay attention to keep natural look of your hair hile styling and combing it.

Your hair is healthy if only our body is well-nourished

We mentioned at the beginning that healthy hair is based on healthy body. Our eating habits are essential for having healthy hair. Under nourishment causes vitamin deficiency and dehydration, and it is an enemy for our hair as well as our body.

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