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Causes for Hair Loss

causes for hair loss

Causes for Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur on both women and men. Person, who suffers from hair loss, is not happy with his/her appearance.

Hair loss for women is caused by genetics usually. Most of the people visited clinics for hair loss were complained about male pattern baldness. Prior to diagnose for male pattern baldness, several tests needed to be examined. Appropriate treatment is applied in accordance with test results and person itself. When a person complained for hair loss, the problems such as hormonal diseases, used medicines, and non-balanced diet are examined in first hand. Genetic codes are coming upfront for most of the people with hair loss. Hair loss starts lightly on early ages. Hair loss, rapidly continues, peaks at age of 50. Early age hair loss is a serious condition. Genetically structured hair loss follows different pattern for men and women. Male pattern baldness starts from temporal area and moves through upper areas. Hair loss in women occurs in every part of hair with same effect. This type of hair loss usually starts from mid-part of hair. Hair transplantation procedure, the best treatment for hair loss, provides more permanent solution than the others. Hair transplantation method provides to have same amount of hair all around the head by transferring healthy hair follicles to bald areas.

Hair transplantation methods are applied by collecting person’s own hair samples. Therefore, the risqué of infection is not a possibility.

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