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Are You Considering to Have Hair Transplant?

have hair transplant

Decision stage for hair transplant

In this stage, if the hair loss is serious and cannot be treated by medicines and other treatment methods, the hair should be extracted from donor site and transplanted to recipient area. Patient should put a thought in it and start the hair transplant process after interviewing with hair transplant clinic.

Pre-interviews and pre-processes I hair transplant

Person, who decided to have hair transplant, has taken an appointment from the desired plastic surgeon and started to pre-interviews. Plastic surgeon will ask patient to fill out some forms. In these forms, patient will be asked about the problems he/she could face through the process. Afterwards, hair analysis and pre examinations will start.

Set date for hair transplant

Patient should arrive to institution in confidence. He/she should not be stressful and wear some comfortable clothes.

Anesthesia and extraction of hair follicles: plastic surgeon has sedated the patient and he/she is not feeling any pain. Whatever method was decided beforehand, the hair is extracted by that method; and the collected hair should be placed into maximum hygiene special holders.

Separating hair and transferring back into body

In hair transplantation processes, collected hair follicle’s color is important for the structure. Separated hair follicles should be planted by calculating growth angle through special methods. The performing specialist should apply transplantation in proper direction in order to have a good afterwards appearance for patient.

Hair growth process after hair transplant

Even it differs from person to person; usually the first grown hairs will have weak and thin look. Most of the people will experience hair loss and the desired appearance will be achieved in maximum one year.

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