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Drug Use Against Hair Loss


I first encountered with hair loss in the early 2010 by losing almost 30% of my hair just in a few months. I started to take minoxidil and finasteride in order to stop hair loss. Until now, I had no more issues about hair loss, but I am thinking of quitting the medicines. I am afraid to quit because of the thought of losing my hair again.

  • Is there a way to predict my hair loss level in case of quitting taking medicines?
  • If I have hair loss, would taking medicines again help on the issue?
  • If lost hair would not grow back, is it possible to have hair transplant?

It is really nice to hear that you protect your hair through regular using of medicines after hair loss. Drugs mentioned above are commonly in use worldwide, and the results may differ from one to another person. It is possible for you to have hair loss in case of quitting taking the drugs. It would be beneficial for you to consult with your doctor beforehand.

It is not possible for predicting hair loss pattern after quitting drug usage.

Starting to take drugs again may provide some improvements again.

If you have enough hair follicles in donor site and have no health issues, you sure can have hair transplantation.

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