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FAQs about Hair Transplant

hair transplant

Most of the scabs in donor site are gone following 8th day of my fue hair transplant operation. Right now there is that disturbing itchy feeling. When I apply moisturizer, it feels relived and it has a comforting affect. Does this have a negative effect on my healing process?

It is normal to have a feeling of itching on donor site during healing period following fue hair transplant. You may use a suitable moisturizer. If the itching continues, please discuss it with your doctor.

I live in Antalya, and during summer time, more preferably in July after judiciary recess, I am thinking of having hair transplant. I read a few articles about avoid sunlight after hair transplant. Is it really necessary? What should be careful about being under the sunlight?

Recipient area should be avoided from direct sunlight for 3 months following hair transplant. You may use broad spectrum sunscreen in necessity.

Four months passed upon my hair transplant operation. If I dye my hair, would this have any negative affect on results?

You should discuss it with your doctor in hair transplant center. On the other hand, we suggest our patients not to dye their hair for six months following hair transplantation operation.

Is redness on recipient area after hair transplant permanent?

I had two hair transplantations in last two years. First one as in France and the other one was in Turkey. Redness on recipient area after my first surgery increased in place of decreasing following the second surgery. When I look at the mirror, pinkness darker than my skin color can easily be seen. Even I had a natural result after hair transplantation; because of this situation it is slightly noticeable that I had hair transplant.

Redness after hair transplantation is normal, but the length of it is not normal. Since it looks like it is related to skin, it is beneficial for you to check it with your doctor or a dermatologist.

Why hair loss occurs on transplanted hair after hair transplant?

Waiting for scabs to come off after hair transplant operations is a harsh period of time for both esthetically and socially. After 1 week or 10 days later, it would be relief to see scabs are gone. Transplanted hair’s covering effect on long termed bald area suggests the first good signals that everything you have been through after your hair transplantation is worth it. Unfortunately, your happiness will be short termed and all the transplanted hair will be loss in 30 days after your hair transplantation. Aside rare cases, there is not any place for worries since it is absolutely normal in all hair transplantation cases.

It is your very right for you to investigate the reason of this as you discussed with your doctor prior to hair transplant, heard from others, or read on hair transplant forums. We can actually call it as circle of life of hair. Most of your transplanted hair starts to their new life by residing and loss stages following hair transplantation. As a result of this, they are lost in first 30 days. Your hair will grow again 90 days later, and even it looks thinner at first, it will surely get stronger by time.

I realized bleeding on a few follicles during routine hair wash 8 days after hair transplantation. Do this bleeding sign that follicles are moved out of canals or damaged even it looks like they are in place?

Even it is not possible to comment without the knowledge of the applied method by your doctor, it seems like insignificant by considering the time passed after your hair transplant. It is beneficial to be more careful next 3-4 days while washing your hair.

During the interviews prior to hair transplantation, differences on the promises and statements by doctors and non-doctors caused doubts on my decision. Advises on having high amount of follicles were my biggest concern. I realized that it is not possible to transplant more than 4000 follicles without harming the follicles. Along with that, seeing the drawn frontal hairline was same for every other person made me think that the planning was not personal at all. I prefer to have a doctor to perform hair transplantation and I want him/her to perform hair transplantation by considering my expectations. How can I share my expectations on results with my doctor?

I think every women and men who decided to have hair transplantation thought the same things about what you said. It is normal to have the planning personal prior to hair transplantation. As a result, nobody has the same hair frequency, hair loss, face type or ratio.

Always remember that choosing process of your hair transplantation center is just like an audition. It is better for you to stay away from unrealistic promises.

Think about your expectations first. If you have pictures to visualize your expectations, share them with your doctor. Carefully listen what and which of your expectations he/she can accomplish. You have every right to question the unfulfilled expectations and scientific facts behind them. Of course remember to have these interviews with the doctor who is going to perform your hair transplant.

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