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Formation of Edema after Hair transplant

edema after hair transplant

Formation of edema after hair transplant

Formation of edema after hair transplant can be encountered in different levels between 4th and 7th day after the operation. As it is not seen after every hair transplantation operations, it is cosmetically disturbing even it has no negative effects on hair transplant result or your health. Even it disappears in a few days, many hair transplant patients feel sensitive about it. Therefore, below precautions eases the process as well as helping to hair transplant patients on the matter.

Keep your head in higher position after hair transplant

It is one of the first precautions to take after hair transplant surgery in order to prevent the edema in head to move down on face. Position your head above your body, including sleeping time, for 3 to 4 days. Therefore, you would prevent damage on transplanted hair.

Drug usage after hair transplant

It would be beneficial for you to follow the directions of your doctor about drug usage after hair transplant in order to prevent edema formation or recover from it faster.

Cold compress

Cold compress applied on forehead area on first day and the next morning after operation will minimize the risk of edema formation. It is important to apply it away from eye and surrounding areas.

Reducing physical activities

Intense physical activities after hair transplantation may increase edema and postpone recovery. Therefore, you should reduce or fully avoid intense physical activities after hair transplant.

Stop taking certain medicines

Taking aspirin and ibuprofen may cause increase on edema formation. You may need to stop taking these medicines for a week unless it is necessary.

It should be remembered that hair transplantation operation is a surgical treatment and some complications may occur after it. It is not a choice but a mandatory to have a hair transplant operation by specialized plastic surgeons for your own health and positive hair transplant result.

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