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Fue Hair Transplant in Istanbul

fue hair transplant in Istanbul

It has been a month after my fue hair transplant in Istanbul. Everything is going on as its previously explained.On the other hand I don’t really like to use any medication.I know that I may loose my native hair in the future but if it happens I believe a second fue surgery is also possible.Should I go on using the medications to prevent future hair loss or what I believe is true.

Minoxidil and finasterid are the prime medications for man type hair loss but if you are not willing to use any of them ,no one can force you to do so.PRP injections might work for you.Your donor site on the photo is pretty good even after a month of  your fue surgery.In the future time will show if you are going to loose  your hair or not.For now I wish you good luck and keep an eye on your growth of transplanted hair and hair loss of the natives.

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