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Hair transplant surgery on sideburns and scars?

FUE hair

I am experiencing hair loss on my sideburns and upper part of my ear after having facelift  surgery.

I have partial hair loss on the stitched area after the face lift surgery six months ago. Even some of them grew back thinly; I still have esthetically unattractive view. Is it possible to get desired result by having hair transplantation operation?

Even it is rare, your situation is a well-known complication. Restoration can be made on the damaged area by having FUE hair transplant method. You can get your casual view back after 1-2 hours long surgery.

Is hair transplantation a surgery?

Hair transplant or hair transfer process is an A class surgery. This means, it is accepted as major surgery status.

Who can perform hair transplant?

Plastic Surgeons are authorized to perform hair transplantation. You can prefer plastic surgeons specialized in hair transplant field.

Who are responsible of which part of FUE hair transplant process?

Collecting hair follicles process, planning operation area, and opening canals should be performed by plastic surgeon. Placing hair follicles can be performed by nurses.

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