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Growth After Hair Transplantation ?

hair transplantation

Does transplanted hair grow after hair transplantation operation? How long do they grow? Would it look natural as it grows?

Transplanted hair is your very own hair, and you can grow it however you like. Natural appearance issue depends on person. If the hair transplantation frequency is sufficient, there will be natural appearance.

Would there be any scars from FUE hair transplantation? Is it fully non-scarring operation?

FUE hair transplantation is a surgical operation that leaves no visible scars behind. It is normal to have a scar after every surgery. Your FUE hair transplantation operation performed by a plastic surgeon will leave no visible scars and natural look behind.

I was told that my donor site was insufficient according to tests. How long am I supposed to wait for hair cloning?

It is possible to have some improvements on hair cloning in next two or three years.

I gave a birth 4 months ago. I had hair loss on top of my head and it still continues. Can I have my old appearance through hair transplantation?

Assuming that you are on breastfeeding stage, it is still early for you to have hair transplantation. First of all, it is essential for you to complete breastfeeding stage and search for the hair loss reasons. We suggest you to learn about alternative treatment methods beside hair transplantation from our doctors.

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