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Hair Cloning

hair cloning

Hair Cloning

You might hear that hair cloning is generating many hair follicles from one hair follicle. Actually, this is a wrong definition. Cloning term actually means something else: Cloning is placing genes in a cell and gathering identical genes in next generation.

Generating hundreds even thousands follicles from one follicle is not ‘cloning’. This method is called ‘cell engineering’ or sometimes ‘cell treatment’. In this method, cells are the main subject not genes.

Cells are the base core of the body. Cells can be isolated from an organism or can be generated in a lab through culture element. Cell treatment is placing these harvested cells in a suitable area. Cell treatment is one of the prospect treatments of the future for diseases like; skin ulcer, arthritis, burn, diabetes, cancer, and Parkinson.

It is exciting and encouraging to be able to use cell treatment for hair loss. If the hair follicles can be multiplied thousand times in a lab environment, it will be a game changer in hair transplantation field.

The first studies suggest that it is possible to accomplish this with human cells. But still, there are some doubts on the safety and efficiency of the treatment.

Another step to be completed for cell treatment is that generating natural looking hair. As known, bad hair transplant and good hair transplant differ on the transplantation of the hair in regard of rather it is planted in combing direction or not. If the generated hair follicle does not grow in the hair combing direction, the hair transplantation result will not have the natural look.

The most important point on hair follicles generated in lab is the safety. The uncompleted evaluation of these cells capability of creating tumors after transplantation is the biggest concern of us doctors.

Even it encourages us doctors; in order to use cell treatment in hair transplant operations, the aforementioned concerns should be cleared.

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