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If Temporary Hair Loss Turns Into A Permanent Problem…

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If Temporary Hair Loss Turns Into A Permanent Problem…

Temporary hair loss starts in our babyhood and continues along our life. Hair follicles have Hair Growing Cycle that consists of anagen (growing phase), catagen (cessation phase), and telogen (rest phase).

Completing anagen-catogen-telogen phases can last years for one hair follicle. Every single hair completes 10 to 20 full circles in an average human life. 100 or more hairs are lost daily.

New hairs will grow in places of the lost ones.

If the hair loss is more than 100 hairs a day, it indicates a development out of standard hair growth cycle.

Women and men, being used to standard hair cycle, can realize this situation easily. They usually realize it by te hair on the pillow in the morning or hair loss while showering, and they make the very first diagnosis, ‘I have hair loss’.

Men with family history of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) are more worried about routine daily hair loss; because they are afraid of that the lost hair will not grow back ever again.

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Temporary Hair Loss and Other Causes…

Temporary hair loss is usually related with hypothyroidism. Hair growing cycle turns back into its routine by thyroid treatment.

Iron deficiency after pregnancy, heavy anemia, and heavy menstruation are the other hair loss causes.

High physical and emotional stress and high fever can also cause hair loss. Ususally the lost hair grows back.

Before the treatments and surgery, it is important to diagnose the cause of hair loss as a first step. Therefore, it is not helpful to have hair transplant without the knowledge of actual cause for hair loss. It would be best for you to decide for hair transplant after consulting with a specialized plastic surgeon.

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