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Can You Change The Hair Texture With Surgery?

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Can You Change The Hair Texture With Surgery?

There is no way to change the hair texture with surgery.

Hair texture cannot reliably be altered surgically.

On the other hand, certain hair care products, chemical treatments and hormonal changes such as pregnancy or thyroid issues can affect the texture of the hair.

But the results of all these affects are very unpredictable.

Can scalp massage stimulate hair growth?

Scalp massage could be helpful for your head’s health (like accelerating blood flow) but the connection between scalp massage and hair growth is a myth.

A scalp massage will not stimulate hair growth and it’s not a proved treatment for hair loss.

Can I get a hair transplant at the age of 18?

The proper answer to your question is dependent on your hair’s condition.

Primarily, it has to be known that your hair loss level and your current donor site’s status.

If you are a proper candidate, you can absolutely get a hair transplant. According to these circumstances, you’ll probably need an examination in a clinic.

Which age does hair loss stop?

Normally, hair loss starts between the ages 18-25 in most men. When a man passes his 35-40 age, hair loss usually slows down and after the age of between 50-60, it increases again. This information shows us that the process of hair loss is progressive and throughout life.

But there are always exceptions to the rule. That’s why It is always more efficient to have a medical examination.

But hair transplant is permanent and always offers successful solutions.

What are the indications of a successful hair transplant?

Generally, It may take several months to appreciate the results of a hair transplant surgery. But before that, the first condition for a successful operation is a clear determination of the hair loss and detailed planning of the treatment process.

The rest of it depends on the experience of the surgeon and the attentive approach of the patient.

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