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Hair Transplant Consultation – Things You Should Know About Hair Transplant

hair transplant consultation

Will the same plastic surgeon, who consulted for hair transplant, also perform my hair transplant operation?

It is important for you to have same plastic surgeon, whose was in your hair transplant consultation, to perform your hair transplant operation in order to provide positive hair transplant results and your satisfaction on the results. Your hair transplant consultation doctor should not be replaced by another for hair transplant operation without your knowledge.


Is there problem for having a hair transplant appointment after having hair transplant consultation? Should I see my doctor one more time?

If you feel like all your questions were not answered during the first examination before the hair transplant operation, it may not be the right decision for you to have hair transplant appointment. On the other hand, if you have no doubts about your consulting doctor and hair transplant operation, there is no problem for you to take hair transplant appointment.

Your doctor will go over the beforehand consulted plans again on hair transplant day, and your hair transplant will start after these planning.

Who should hold hair transplant consultation?

Since specialized plastic surgeons are required to perform your hair transplant operation, it would be the best for you to have the same people to hold hair transplant consultations. All the other factors besides medical issues, like financial planning and hair transplant operation date, will be handled by administration just like every hair transplantation centers.

I will have hair transplant, I live really far away from hair transplant center and I am also considering taking hair transplant appointment without hair transplant consultation. What should I do?

In our day, it is really easy to have communication due to advancements on communication technologies. Online examination and online consultation are not strange terms any more, and you can contact any hair transplant through this method and plan your hair transplant. Even it is not convenient as much as talking in person with your hair transplant doctor; you can take the appointment, if you have no doubts. The possible process will be as following:

After your hair transplant online consultation application, you will be contacted through email or phone and your questions will be answered.

Your hair transplant doctor’s reviews through the sent pictures will be shared with you.

It is usual to ask for a pre-payment request in regard of your demand on doctor and date for your hair transplant operation.

You will be contacted one or two more times before your hair transplant operation, and you will be reminded about points to take in consideration.

How long hair transplant consultation takes, and what is being done during it?

Hair transplant consultations take around 20 to 45 minutes depending on the person’s problems and case’s difficulty level.

You will be informed and controlled for hair frequency on donor site, hair frequency on recipient site, skin structure, general health status, and possible hair loss causes.
A plan will be presented for your hair transplant operation and your hair transplant operation’s results, performed by your doctor, will be shared with you.

What are the most common problems encountered in hair transplantation surgeries?

Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation

Most common cosmetic problems encountered in FUE hair transplantation and FUT hair transplantation can be listed as:

  1. Overly large grafts and ‘pluggy’ appearance
  2. Too low frontal hairline
  3. Too high frontal hairline
  4. Very straight and unnatural hairline
  5. Incompatible direction or angle of hair
  6. Incompatible hair frequency on recipient area compared to other areas
  7. Visible scars on recipient area
  8. Hair growing very regularly and as in lines
  9. Permanent loss of transplanted hair
  10. Visible scars and in homogeneous appearance on donor site

These problems usually occur together. Correction order would be dedicated in accordance with patient.

Of course, patient should be directed through doctor’s advises.

Since it is possible to camouflage some priority problems, having a doctor’s opinion would be effecting patient’s decision.

Patient should remember to not to make the same mistake again and be sure that it is the right decision.

Therefore, expectation should be clear and scientific facts should be considered other than promises.

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