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Why the Hair Transplant Frontal Hairline Is Important?

Frontal Hairline

Why the Hair Transplant Frontal Hairline Is Important?

When you have too much hair, you do not really consider your frontal hairline; but when you start to lose frontal hairline through androgenic hair loss or other reasons, you will realize the esthetical importance of it for your face.

One of the most important points of the hair transplant is recreating frontal hairline and making it looking natural. Does not matter how frequent you hair is at the end of the operation; if your hairline is not in the right place and does not look natural, you cannot be expected to be happy of operation results.

Frontal hairline should be determined with your doctor. The very best frontal hairline is the one least noticeable and the one that gives the impression as it was always there.

While relocating your frontal hairline, your face and head should be considered. While planning with your doctor, it is essential for you to trust your doctor’s experiences. It is important for you to have a frontal hairline which is in harmony with your face in upcoming years as well. Usually, people prefer to have their frontal hairlines as low as possible; but it should be remembered that donor site should be available at the same level of demands.

Be sure to explain your demands openly and clearly with your doctor. Reconsider the unclear facts that you discussed with your doctor. Do not hesitate to get another opinion if it is necessary.

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