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A Groundbreaking News on Hair Transplant… gene-APCDD1 is discovered…


A Groundbreaking News on Hair Transplant… gene-APCDD1 is discovered…

Research team including researchers from Colombia Rockefeller and Stanford University has announced that they have discovered a new gene effective on hair growth. (July 2010)

Gene called as APCDD1 (adenomatosis polyposis down regulated 1) is related with hypotrichosis simplex also known as progressive hair loss and it is active in early childhood.

Genetic hypotrichosis simplex is a rare dominant hair loss form. It usually occurs by miniaturization of hair and the hair gets stronger by time.

Discovery of this gene can be the beginning of new era for hair loss. It is essential to remember that genetic male pattern hair loss also starts with miniaturization of hair.

Discovery is made by genetic analyses on Italian and Pakistani families with hypotrichosis simplex.  In the analyses, it is discovered that gene APCDD1 was located on 18th chromosome. It is also known through previous studies that chromosome 18 is related with alopecia aerate and androgenic alopecia.

Researchers discovered that gene APCDD1 is preventing hair growth signals on mice. Therefore, a big step forward is made for genetic analyzing of male pattern hair loss.

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