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Hair Transplant Istanbul

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Hair Transplant Istanbul

I had my fue hair transplant in one of the very well-known hair center in Istanbul last summer.  It has been almost 10 months and the transplanted hairs in the gulf regions are having an unnatural growth. Also right side is more dense than the left side.After 8 months of my fue surgery I asked my doctor (later ,I ve learned that my doctor is not a plastic surgeon) and she replied back that I should wait 4 more months to see the final result.On the other hand I dont think waiting for a few months may affect the density but not the angles of transplantation.Nevertheless I am still waiting and still trying push the hairs down.As I am hopeless with the result this time I ve searched on internet and found out that in your hair transplant center only plastic surgeons carry out the fue surgery. My questions are as follow;

1-Should I wait some more months for the corrective surgery in your clinic or make my booking with Ozge Ergun, MD soon.

2-Regarding my recent photos what is the surgeons hair transplantation plan.

3-I live in Dubai and may make an earlier visit to Istanbul to let the doctors see me in person.Is it necessary?

4-Is shaving a must for my fue hair transplant?

Regarding the photos you have sent us I admit that you are totally right to be unsatisfied with the result.The angels unfortunately has not been planned intensively.

Fue hair transplant or Fut hair transplant should be planned carefully.Angels and the density in the insertion area,extraction of the follicules from the donor site should all be personally performed by the surgeon.

On the other hand your donor site has not been exhausted and fine for a second fue surgery.

1.Waiting for two more months won’t make any difference with the angels as you said but there might be some more growth on the last couple of months.As a result if you can ignore the angels for two more months you may wait,if not we can make surgery schedule soon as possible.

2.On the photos for the gulf regions its counted approximately 45 hairs/cm2.Our doctors’ suggestion is to maximize the density to 85-95 hairs/cm2 .Also extracting  thick hairs ; I believe which are not easy to push down.The fue surgery will last in 6 hours and under local anesthesia.

3.That would be much better if you had such a chance to visit us.

4.Hair in the donor site is long enough and the amount of graft you need is not a huge amount.It might be considered on your consultation day before the fue surgery.

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