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Hair Transplant Surgery in Istanbul Next Month.

Hair Transplant Surgery in istanbul
I am from Norway and planning to have a hair transplant surgery in Istanbul next month.
My main concern is the price differences among the hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul. Mostly the services such as transfers and medications are included in the prices. As a result I want to know if there is a missing point while choosing the best hair transplant clinic for the best price.
It’s the most common concern of many medical traveller who visit Istanbul for hair transplant.
Here the most important detail is of course who is performing the major parts of the hair transplant surgery. Besides there are some more important points that should be taken into consideration. That’s why questions below will help you make the comparison.

Q-Who is responsible for my surgery?

A-Plastic Surgeon or a dermatologist should be your correspondent.

Q-Who will perform the extraction of the grafts .

A-Your doctor (that we mentioned above) should perform it by him/her self.

Q-What’s the hair average per graft thats planned to be transplanted for my case?

A-It should be over 2 hairs per graft.If its under this average than this means that graft number is exaggerated.Do not focus on the number of grafts ,keep an eye on the number of hairs per cm2. The natural coverage depends on it ?

Q-For how many years is the doctor performing hair transplant surgery?

A-The more hair transplant surgery your doctor has performed the highest success rate of  the hair transplant surgery will be.

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