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Frequent questions after your hair transplant surgery Istanbul Turkey

hair transplant surgery

Frequent questions after your hair transplant surgery Istanbul Turkey

Can I Wear Tight Caps a few months after hair transplant?

It has been almost two and a half month after my FUE hair transplant surgery. Is it safe to wear a tight cap while I am working?

For most of the cases after twelve days wearing a tight cap will not be a problem for the inserted grafts.

As you are on your two months and half , you will have definitely no problem.

Of course being careful for the blood circulation on the scalp and traction hair loss should be kept in mind.

On the 40th day after my FUE hair transplant surgery I have been to a Sauna for 15 minutes.

First two weeks might be risky but 40 days will not cause any risk.

Swimming and sauna is not a problem after the first two weeks.

My hair was extremely strong and had volume in my twenties. In my late twenties my hair got weakened rapidly and I had hair loss on front and top area. I am already trying treatments against hair loss for a year, and I am looking for a faster solution.

I can say that you have defined genetically hair loss. Bad news is, there are not any treatments or medicines to regenerate your loss hair or stop hair loss immediately.

I am in my third week after fue hair transplantation, and some of the transplanted hair is already loss. There is a little rash on operation area, but no scars. My question is, is there a way to guess about the results of hair transplantation?

Everyone has doubts about the success of hair transplantation results after having hair transplantation. Especially, hair loss in one month might increase the doubts. It is essential for you to stay calm and follow your doctor’s directions. Visiting your doctor periodically and sharing developments with him/her will have a positive effect on your results. On the other hand, it is not possible to have a guess about the success of the hair transplantation until first 4 to 6 months.

Can I cover post hair transplant scars by using cosmetic products or alternative methods?

The most common problem occurred after hair transplant is scabs on recipient and donor areas. It can only be solved by covering the area with a hat. The redness after healing of scabs will turn into a pink color by time.

In this case, topical occlusive can be used. Since the whole hair is not cut during FUT and Mini FUE hair transplant methods, various hair styling types can be used for camouflaging. It is mandatory not to use very tight hats for the first ten days after the hair transplant.

If there are visible scars months or years after hair transplant, it is possible to cover these scars by various methods. Having different hair styles would be the first option, but surgical options are also possible as well.

This is my fourth day after hair transplantation. Back of my head is still sensitive and it disturbs me a lot while I am sleeping. I am afraid of damaging transplanted area, therefore I cannot sleep well at all.

This is a really common situation for who had hair transplantation, and it will disappear in a few days. You may talk with your doctor and consult with him about sleep-aid medicines.

I will be away from civil life since I am joining army for 6 months. What I should be careful about in this time?

Joining army after having hair transplantation is not advised; but we assume you made your mind, and here are the things you should follow and may face with:

a-Hygiene conditions might be off standards

b-Necessity of wearing a garrison cap

c-Possibility of being exposed to sunlight for long time periods.

d-Physical trainings that requires high effort.

e-Limited chance of taking medicines.

f-Malnutrition and weight loss.

g-Increase on daily stress levels.

Possible problems mentioned above should be considered after having hair transplantation, and it is suggested you to join army at least ten days after having hair transplant.


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