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hair transplant turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey offer a  high quality job and service by experienced ISHRS member Surgeons for patients from abroad .

Nowadays hundreds of hair transplant center is at the service for medical travellers. The quality of the service and the hair transplant results are far beyond the many European countries and even United States.

Here is a list of necessary hints and a question list for the hair transplant patients willing to visit Turkey.

Which city of Turkey is most advanced in hair transplant surgeries.

Istanbul is the most well known city with 17 Million population and hundreds of plastic surgeons.

 Which surgery methods are possible for my hair transplant?

Fue Hair Transplant technique and Fut hair transplant technique are the most common ones. Turkish hair transplant clinics are very capable of performing Fue hair transplant with mega sessions.

 What are the first steps of my hair transplant surgery plan?

 Make a list of hair transplant clinics promoting hair transplantation.

Check the name of the plastic surgeon and search about him on internet and Ishrs Approved Physician List

Get in touch with the clinic and send them your photos for online hair transplant consultation.

Check with them if they are available for a video conference or sort of visual technology.

Learn about if your surgery will be carried out by a doctor or nurse. (Get an exact and clear answer  as legally hair transplant is an invasive surgery in Turkey only plastic surgeons are licensed to perform it.)

Ask for how many days earlier you should make reservation for your surgery.

Ask about how many days you should stay in Turkey?

Check with the flight options to Turkey.

If you had a chance to make an earlier visit to Turkey, make a tour of consultation to compare your options. A single day in İstanbul costs with a promotional flight ticket is around 200 Euro -300 Euro.


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