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Guide book for hair transplantation abroad.

hair transplantation abroad

Guide book for hair transplantation abroad.

Hotel which you booked should be close to the Hair transplantation center or clinic. The traffic should not be an issue during your stay.
It’s always better to have your Pre-op Consultation at least a day before.
If you have the decision on the surgery. Do not keep the money till the surgery day.Just pay it and don’t risk it. You may loose or spend it. On the surgery day you don’t have to worry about financial details.
You had better see the surgery room live. You can imagine yourself in the room and this will calm you if you had anxiety.
If possible try to introduce yourself with all the team members. That will make you feel comfortable.
If you need a medication to sleep a day before the surgery , tell it to your doctor.
Before your arrival share your flight details and hotel information with the clinic. As you are in a hurry you may forget something important.
You may add the necessary phone numbers related with your hair transplantation to your adress book.

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