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Hair Transplantation Diary 2

hair transplantation

1 day after hair transplantation operation

Today is my first day after hair transplantation operation and I barely woke up at 11 am. I think I slept deeply because of my tiredness and effects of drugs. I got prepared and was careful about my head; but next minute I was deeply asleep. I woke up same position I fell asleep, with two pillows under my head. It was scary to see blood on the towel over pillows. It is comforting that I was informed about it prior to hair transplantation. First thing I did was going to mirror. There is a dark red colored swelling over the black bandage on my head. My son said my head looks like a dolphin head during our breakfast. I decided to take care of myself after taking my medicines following the breakfast. It is surprising that I have no pain after hair transplantation. They said it could have ached a little. Numbness behind my head is my only complaint.

14:30 I am in the clinic for first wash after hair transplantation. I actually read about how to wash it on internet and brochures, but I could not be able to remove the white bandage on my head. White bandage covering the hair follicles was red now and it was stuck on my skin because of the dried blood. Nurses have removed the bandage in a few minutes by wetting it with warm water. I will not lie, it hurts a little. They washed my hair with a brown liquid. I think it was something like tincture of iodine. They told me step by step how to wash my hair during 15 minutes of washing session. The goal is getting rid of the scab in an orderly formation. But, they especially mentioned to be extra careful for the first week. When I checked hair transplantation and hair follicles area, I can say it looks better than expected. If I would see it on another person, it could have been scarier; but I feel confident.

15:00 My doctor redid examination that he did right after my hair transplantation. I couldn’t hold it, and asked again, “when will my hair grow?” He mentioned that it is this very question every hair transplantation patient asks. He already has mentioned to be patient, but I still want to recover and have my hair faster.

15:45 I took my medicine a little bit of late since I had my lunch late. I do not think it is an issue. Right now, I have a black bandage and ugly black hat on my head. I saw a few more people with the same ugly hat during lunch, and it made me and my wife even the other people with hat laugh. I am not alone after all…

17:00 I have a little headache. I don’t know it is because I had my pain killer a bit late. It might be from using pc a lot. I should rest a little. I feel fine in general, but for some reason I am bending my head down when I go under a door. It is my instinct to protect my hair I guess.

20:00 There was a little bit of blood on the pillow. I called my doctor out of curiosity. He told me it is normal. I guess there was leak from collected follicle area. It is gone now. I haven’t use salt as it was mentioned. I drank lots of water and took my medicine. I checked out myself in front of mirror and thought “what would my colleagues think of me right now”.

23:00 I fell asleep while sitting on the couch. My wife sent me to bedroom. She also reminded me to take my medicine. I had my first day with my new hair. I just ask myself, why not I took care of it when it was there. My double pillows are ready, I took my medicine, and good night everybody.


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