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Hair Transplantation Diary

Hair Transplantation Diary

Hair transplantation operation day

Weeks after, I am finally mentally ready for my hair transplantation operation, and I woke up around 6 am. Even I feel ready; I do know that I am nervous a little. It is just like that tingling feeling in stomach just before the long bus travels. I ask myself again, should I shampoo my hair during my daily shower. I dried my hair well, and had a light breakfast as my doctor suggested. I am also not smoking a cigarette after breakfast as suggested by my doctor.

It is 7:05 and I am on my way with my car. Considering traffic in Istanbul, it is necessary to live half an hour earlier in order to reach your destination. I made it to my appointment just a little early, after my 45 minutes of driving. Since I filled the necessary forms a few days prior to operation, it is a relief to just make a payment and picture taken in the morning. I am reading daily newspaper while having a tea.

8:20 We are discussing hair transplantation area one last time with my doctor. When my doctor asks if I have any more questions about hair transplantation, I just think all the other questions I asked before. Then, I realized how much information I got about hair transplantation and how comforting it is to have such knowledge.

8:40 I need a haircut prior to hair transplantation. My doctor is standing just by me along the process. My nape, the donor site, is shortened to number one. I remembered that I did not have such short haircut since military service. I see that top part of my hair is not being cut. I never had a Mohawk. I take a picture of course. Afterwards, I learned that recipient area gets haircut later on in order to have a certain hair transplantation plan. I am relieved one more time by seeing how professional they are.

9:00 When I enter to hair transplantation room, I see how professional it looks; it also looks like that it has the technology of 50 years ahead.

Doctor and nurses are greeting me all together. We chat with my doctor briefly after I sat on hair transplantation seat, and he tells me to lay face down on the seat. I can’t say that I enjoyed local anesthesia injections, but it is really not big of a deal to be honest.

9:20 There is a short break after local anesthesia. We are waiting around 10 minutes for anesthesia to take action, and now collecting follicle process started. First collecting process is the hardest, I do not know what to expect; but then I realize it already has started and I don’t feel anything at all. Follicles are being collected along with little pressure on my head area and light buzzing sound.

10:55 I fell asleep for thirty minutes, and I had a chance to watch some TV since my doctor gave a short break. They told me that they were going to continue to collect follicles shortly. I need to lie on my side this time.

It is necessary to collect the hair follicles on the side of my head. There is a hardworking team of 4-5 people around me. It is obvious that they are doing it for a long time, everybody is smiling and assisting doctor with joy; and they are taking care of my hair follicles.

12:10 since I cannot feel my head, I ask my doctor how it is going time to time. It is a proof of his loyalty to his profession that his calm patient explanations operation along with collecting hair follicles. By the way, one of the nurses asked me what I would like to have for my lunch. To be honest, I was starving, and I could eat anything. They offered a few different menus and I chose one. I truly was not expecting this at all. I had a great lunch by watching TV.

13:10 Aftermath of second local anesthesia, I almost felt nothing this time. My doctor mentioned that it is time for to open up the canals for placing collected follicles; and he shaved the area and started to procedure. I was told that FUE hair transplantation operation gets easier after collecting stage, and it sure was true. While I was watching a TV show for 35-45 minutes, the procedure of opening canals was already done. I can’t tell how professionally it was done.

13:55 While my doctor was collecting my hair follicles, nurses were preparing the follicles for placing by cleaning and keeping the follicles in a reserving solution. All the collected follicles were in clear cups in line. Now the last stage of hair transplantation operation was beginning.

14:40 I think the special glasses on nurses were showing the opened canals larger, and nurses were placing follicles with an amazing skill and pace. My doctor was directing nurses and also was examining the follicles. I was already happy and that made me more talkative. In order to not disturb the doctor and nurses, I even called a few colleagues to show off by saying I am having hair transplantation.

15:30 I never believed people who says the worst part of fue hair transplantation was that it is boring. I want to smoke, and walk around; but the team is so dedicatedly working, and I don’t even want to say a word. Luckily, they give a bathroom break and I get chance to walk around a little bit.

16:10 then my doctor announces the last 50 grafts. Such amazing feeling, there are only 50 grafts left for completing hair transplantation operation which I decided to have after two years of researching. I think it would take around 10-15 minutes.

16:25 I got another shot for pain killer from my bottom. That was unpleasant. I am not sure if my leg was numb because of the shot or lying down for a while.

16:30 I am with my doctor for closing discussion. The doctor tells me all the details from A to Z about what to do after hair transplantation; and he adds that we will continue tomorrow since I am tired. 3150 grafts were placed, 250 more than what I expected; well this is the difference of being experienced I guess. It is surprising that I have no pain, but I am a little tired. Still, I have this happiness in me.

17:00 I give the car keys to my wife, I moved to passenger seat with a grin on my face, and I say ‘what a relief’ to myself.

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