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Reliability of The Information Shared on Hair Transplantation Forums

hair transplantation forums

Before I make a decision on hair transplantation, I completed my interviews with hair transplantation centers. As a last thing, I started to research comments on hair transplantation forums. Usually people who had hair transplantation give a lot of information on their experience. This is the bright side, but I also realized the arguments about which hair transplantation center was good and which one was bad. When I deeply checked, I realized these arguments were going on for longer than 2-3 years; and now I have doubts. Are everything said on hair transplantation forums are true? How much of this information can be trustable?

It is an important mission for hair transplantation forums to bring people who had hair transplantation and who had not. It would not be right to think that all shared content is wrong, but it surely is not the same thing to hear medical information from a doctor.

Without a doubt, there are many hair transplantation patients or people researching on hair transplantation at hair transplantation forums; but, there also virtual personalities or contracted patients in these forum who have some marketing intentions. Finally I believe that there is an increasing informative pollution on the internet about hair transplantation.

Therefore, it is obvious for you to not move along by the information gathered through only forums but also meeting the doctors in person as well .

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