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Hints for hair transplant in Istanbul

hair transplant in Istanbul

Hints for hair transplant in Istanbul

If the price is so low and the service package is too crowded with a lot of side services be careful.Most probably medical service had a missing point or there is an illegal issue with the medical service provider.

Don’t let the hotel,tours  and gifts make you blind. Do not forget that you came to Istanbul for the best surgical service not for entertainment.

Meet your doctor personally and ask all your questions.Pre-asked questions before your arrival should be checked.

Forget about the graft amount.You are here in Istanbul for a natural coverage in a certain balding area.Get a quarantee for the aesthetic  coverage not the amount of grafts.

Before the payment process ask if there are any hidden costs.Additional fee’s after the surgery may increase the cost too much.

Do not hurry and don’t let the providers make you hurry for the surgery. This is a ‘surgery’ not a haircut in a barber shop.You always had the right to change your mind.

Always had a second alternative place for your hair transplant. You may receive a contrary information even at the last minute. Hair consultations are free at many clinics in Istanbul.

Check with the locals of Istanbul.They will most probably know better than any forums or blogs.

Good luck for your hair transplant surgery.

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