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How many grafts or follicles should be transplanted?

How many grafts

How many grafts or follicles should be transplanted?

It is normal to have many questions about hair transplant process and It is also your right to demand your doctor about these questions. It would be efficient for you to write your questions down or ask your questions to your doctor.

On the other hand, the certain thing is that there are always more questions to ask. Let’s look out some of the questions you forgot to ask before the operation.

What is the reason for my hair loss?

Definitely, this is the first question that should be asked on this topic. With checking ‘Hair Loss Causes’, your doctor should determine and explain the personal cause and he/she should advise you.

How many grafts or follicles should be transplanted?

First of all, the amount should be determined by the quantity of grafts or follicles that you need. And you should remember that a donor site has a limit and you will need this donor site in case of continuity of hair loss.

Because of that, the right decision would be transplanting necessary amount of follicles.

How many sessions do I need in order to have the desired appearance?

The most efficient way to achieve the desired appearance is firstly having realistic expectations for your hair transplant results. Depends on the results of your hair transplant, It is possible for your doctor to ask you for having a second hair transplant in upcoming years.

The saying of ‘One hair transplant session covers all the bald area’ is just a marketing phrase and far away from reality.

Ask your doctor’s specialization and how many years he/she is working in this field…

It’s obvious that you would not like to be the first patient of your doctor for hair transplantation surgery. Therefore, you can easily ask your doctor about his/her capabilities along with his/her certification for the operation.

How many FUE hair transplantation operations done by your doctor?

It’s always good to ask your doctor about the number of his/her operations that he/she performed until today.

Besides, It also will affect your decision to see before and after pictures of hair transplantation surgeries.

Another question that should be asked is, How many nurses will work along with your surgeon during hair transplant operation and what these nurses’ duties will be?

It is necessary for nurses to join the surgeon during the hair transplant, in order to help.

Are the nurses in the operation permanent or contracted employees?

Having a long-term and stable business relationship between the nurses and the doctor increase the efficiency of surgery. In this way, operational and trust processes will also be easier to accomplish.

This will have a positive effect on your operation results. Contracted nurses are mostly can’t guaranteed by the doctors.

Doctor’s international certificates and experiences.

In this field, ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) and ESHRS (European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) are most well-known organizations and medical and technological experiences are shared within these organizations. Having your operations by the doctors who are accepted in these organizations would absolutely be the best decision.

Who will apply anesthesia procedure in hair transplant operation?

Local anesthesia is one of the most important phase for hair transplantation.

Besides, It is only possible to have comfortable and pain-free hair transplant through a local anesthesia if it is performed by the right person.

When will my hair grow?

After a hair transplantation surgery, your doctor will tell you that the first results will come in 3-8 months after hair transplantation and 12 months later the final result will be gained.

How Many Grafts Are Needed for Hair Transplant Operation?

One of the important questions about hair transplant is that how many follicles will be planted. Prepared table in accordance with Norwood scale can help you to have an estimate on the amount prior to hair consultation.


hair transplant greft

I     500FU-800FU Hair Transplant Operation

Hair transplant can be applied for mostly singular hair follicles in 2-2.5 hours by using FUE method. Haircut is not mandatory.

II    800FU-1500FU Hair Transplant Operation

Hair transplant can be applied for mostly singular hair follicles in 3-4 hours by using FUE method. Haircut is not mandatory.

III  1500FU-2500FU Hair Transplant Operation

It is aimed to relocate frontal hairline and cover bald area on back of the head. It can be completed in 4-6 hours by FUE method.

IV   2500FU-3000FU Hair Transplant Operation

The necessary time for relocating frontal hairline and covering wide bald area on back of the head is 5-6 hours.

V    3000FU-4000FU Hair Transplant Operation

Frontal, top and back areas can be covered in 6-7 hours by using FUE hair transplant method.

VI   4000FU-6000FU Hair Transplant Operation

It is also called Mega FUE session, this operation takes around 8 hours by using FUE method. It can also be combined with FUT method in regard of efficiency of patient’s donor site.

VII  6000-7000 Hair Transplant Operation

Usually applied as two sessions, this operation is performed as two 6 hours sessions by using FUE method.

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