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Is use of drugs for hair loss beneficial?

hair loss

I personally know that it is genetic in our family to have hair loss in all males after a certain age. In last three generations, hair loss occurs around ages 35-40 on level of Norwood 5. My son is 21 years old and I assume he is genetically going to have hair loss. He has thin hair, but no hair loss occurred yet. Would it beneficial for him to take drugs including finasteride and minoxidil from now on?

Even it is based on a strong scientific reason, it is not logical for your son to start to take drugs based on assumptions. There is not a 100% percent guarantee for any hair loss even by using drug treatment. Also, your son’s thoughts on the matter also are important.

I had a partial hair loss 9 days after my hair transplantation surgery.

It is common to have partial hair loss 9 days after hair transplantation surgery. Researches on hair follicles hold length following hair transplantation shows that follicles are becoming permanent 7-8 days after the operation. In this case, you have nothing to worry about.

May I use baby shampoo five days after hair transplantation surgery?

The very first answer for this type of question is that you should discuss it with you doctor. I am sure your doctor has informed you about this following the hair transplantation operation. We cannot give you a certain answer since we do not have all the necessary information. On the other hand, there are not any issues in general to use baby shampoos after hair transplantation.

What can be advised for the ones who suffer hair loss on the level of Norwood 6?

I am 61 years old and my hair loss level is determined as Norwood 6 by my doctor. After many interviews, it has been decided that I am not suitable for hair transplantation operation. It has been mentioned that the results would not be satisfactory. I do not desire any unnatural solutions (hair prosthesis, wig etc.). Could you suggest any alternative treatments?

Hair transplantation through FUE and Fut combination might provide positive results for a Norwood 6 patient. On the other hand, the recipient area will be covered through donor site, it is important to be realistic about the result. Generally, it is not possible to cover the whole bald area in one session.

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