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Lowering Frontal Hairline for Women by Surgery

frontal hairline

The causes of higher frontal hairline in women are; iatrogenic reasons (brow lift or traction based alopecia), genetic reasons, and androgenic female pattern baldness. It is essential to be sure that frontal hairline is not moving higher anymore before the surgery. If hair loss continues, surgery will not give the desired result.

There are two methods for women with high hairline and large forehead area.

The most popular method is moving frontal hairline lower by hair transplantation operation. Sometimes it is needed to have second hair transplant in order to increase hair frequency. There is 6 to 10 months long time period for hair growth.

Another surgery method to relocate hairline is SHA (surgical hairline advancement).

This method aims for relocating hairline to desired area by using trichophytic method. In area where SHA will be applied; skin elasticity, doctor’s plan, and patient’s expectations will help to determine the location of new hairline.

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