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Past and Future of Hair Loss Treatment

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Past and Future of Hair Loss Treatment

Male pattern hair loss changes the life of 80% of men under age of 70. Investing large amounts of money to solve the issue, efforts of many scientists by joining the researches, and many people who suffers from hair loss following the developments created an economic phenomenon with large demand with no supply at the end. Cell therapies, cloning, hair transplantation, and many more terms took their place of men’s daily vocabulary.

On the other hand, we should tell about the current treatments with their some levels of positive effects.

Finasteride and Minoxidil included drugs are well-known worldwide and are in use for around 16-17 years.

Known by all the men suffering from hair loss and had hair transplantation, these drugs have more interesting story of discovery than their side effects and benefits.


Minoxidil, used in arterial hypertension treatment, was found that it had side effects on growing hair and preventing hair loss.

As a result of studies started in 1980s, the patent was issued in 1996 and it was launched to the market as topical lotion.


It was developed for preventing enlargement of prostate gland. When it was realized that it had a side effect of hair growth, it was patented in 1997 for hair loss prevention and launched to the market as tablet form.

As seen, it looks like solution for hair loss will be found through luck instead of years long clinical studies. No matter what, it seems like hair loss and hair treatments will keep being popular subjects on the upcoming years as well.

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