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PRP Treatment – FUE Hair Transplant

PRP treatment

Surely, PRP treatment is one of the most advised treatments for hair transplantation due to its benefits on healings and hair growth after hair transplant. Patients, who were applied PRP treatment for hair loss, have reduced hair loss and increased hair thickness in applied areas.

As a result of PRP treatment applied along with FUE operation, patients experienced faster wound healing and increased growth capacity for transplanted hair.

What does PRP consist of?

The liquid part of our blood, except the cell components, is called as plasma. Plasmas are responsible for transferring carbohydrates and amino acids that are vital for the tissues.

Thrombocytes are the cells which are preventing bleeding and starting the healing process. Thrombocytes include many growing factors and cytokines.

PRP includes way more thrombocytes after centrifugal process and it is the person’s own natural plasma.

How PRP Treatment is prepared?

The person gives 10 cc blood prior to PRP application just like in a lab examination.

It is transferred to a special kit in order to increase the amount of existing thrombocytes.

After centrifugal process, we now have cell distilled and high thrombocytes PRP.

It is observed that thrombocyte amount is increased 4-8 times more after centrifugal process. Studies indicate that the growth factors in thrombocytes have positive effects on hair follicles.

How PRP Treatment is applied?

PRP injection is a surface injection which is applied on hairy skin. PRP can even be applied during lunch break with its 2-3 minutes long pain-free injecting time. There would no swelling or bruise which could affect daily life.

Who can be applied by PRP?

  • Androgenic Hair Loss
  • Seasonal Hair Loss
  • Men and women with hair thinning or weakened hair issues can have PRP treatment regularly.

Does PRP have any side effects?

Since PRP treatment is developed from person’s own thrombocytes, there is no risk of allergic reaction.

Results of PRP treatment can differ from person to person. Remember, this treatment is supportive and supplementary treatment.

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