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Questions from You About Hair Loss – 3

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When my hair loss increased rapidly since age of 20, I had a few interviews with hair transplantation centers; but I was afraid of Fut hair transplantation operation, therefor I started to use prosthesis hair. Now I am 34 years old and advancements in FUE hair transplantation methods made me reconsider hair transplantation option again. Before I come in for hair transplantation examination, I would like to ask you these:


1- Would using hair prosthesis for longer than 5 years cause a disadvantage for FUE hair transplantation?

2- How close my results would be to prosthesis hair which I am accustomed to?

3- How long do I need to wait to have a natural looking hair transplantation result after my FUE hair transplantation?

It is a common situation that prosthesis are damaging not the donor site but around hair transplantation site. It sometimes affects hair growth rate negatively, but it does not occur in every case.

Hair transplantation frequency will differ in accordance with donor site and recipient site. On the other hand, it is not possible to have the same frequency with prosthetic hair by hair transplantation session.

It usually takes around 6 to 12 months to have a natural looking result by having FUE hair transplantation operation.

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