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Questions from You About Hair Loss

hair loss

I use glasses for many years. Scalp over my ears is visible now. I am using contact lenses for last six months, and now the bald areas are more visible. My doctor suggested hair transplantation along with other alternatives. Other alternatives are; SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation, and use of various drugs.

The situation you mentioned is called Traction Alopecia. It has a chance for recovery, but you need to see our doctor for more certain diagnose. 

I am 34 years old and my hair started to thin; and there is hair loss especially on my frontal hairline and top area. I started to take minoxidil as suggested by my doctor, and I observed strengthening and growth of my hair on the mentioned area in a week. First of all, is this really possible? If I stop taking medicine, would I have hair loss again?

Even it is possible to have benefits from medicines including minoxidil, it is not normal for them to be effective in the timeframe you have mentioned. Still, it would be beneficial for you to continue to take medicines by considering you age and type of hair loss you were experiencing. It would be good for you to talk this with your doctor and have a medical opinion about it.

I am suffering from male pattern baldness and lost around 50% of my hair on top area. I continue to use Minoxidil for over a year in order to prevent hair loss. On the other hand, when I comb my hair the baldness on combing line is getting wider and wider. I can get desired results from medicines on this area. Is there a suitable treatment?

Styling you hair from the same area over and over again can cause traction hair loss and weakened hair. Hair experts are suggesting styling your hair from different areas in order to lower traction levels. Therefore, you can support your hair to recover from traction damage.

Hair loss on frontal hairline and top of my head has increased rapidly in last two years. Even though I tried a few hair loss treatments, I could not have good results. I had a chance to visit a few hair transplantation centers in İzmir. I made my mind after visiting a hair transplantation center in Istanbul. The doctor I talked in Istanbul is determined about my desired fontal hairline is not suitable for me; but I had no problems about this in Izmir. Should I insist on my desired frontal line?

I think you should follow the directions of your doctor at hair transplantation center in Istanbul by considering the pictures you sent along with your age. I do not know about the hair transplantation center in İzmir, but it looks like they are just trying to have a financial benefit of your situation. Frontal hairline is the main column of hair transplantation structure. While planning for hair transplantation, please always remember the points below:

1-Your age: if you decided to have hair transplantation in process of hair loss, that means your hair loss in increasing trend. Therefore, planning to have a lower frontal hairline will cause unhappiness in upcoming year.

2- Donor site: having an efficient donor site is essential for hair transplantation, since hair follicles are collected from here. Sufficient of this area affects whole hair transplantation procedure.

3- Width of forehead: Having a wide or narrow forehead affect our facial impression and proportional appearance of our face.

4- Hair usage length and direction management in hair transplantation: If transplanted frontal hair direction is planned towards to our face, it may present a 2-3 cm lower frontal hairline. On the other hand, this cannot be achieved with a curly or more direct hair transplantation plan.

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