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Scar Revisions After FUT Hair Transplantation

Scar revisions

Scar revisions increase every other day in correlation with proliferation of FUE hair transplantation. There are hair transplantation center providing scar revisions only by FUE hair transplantation method, as well as hair transplantation centers which are providing to open up scar and close it better than before.

In scar revisions by FUE hair transplantation method; the hair below the scar (if the scar is not located too low) or sides of the head is collected and transplanted on scarred tissue. There is always a possibility for hair which has had hair transplantation to grow insufficiently. The advantages of having scar revisions through FUE hair transplantation are minimal trauma and fast recovery. Disadvantages are, insufficient growth of hair transplanted on scarred tissue.

Having a scar revision by opening the scarred tissue and closing in a thinner appearance just as FUT hair transplantation process is also one of the preferable scar revision methods. The advantages of this scar revision method are having a certain result and possibility to have second hair transplantation. Disadvantage is that the scar may get thinner than expected. It also is a more traumatic application.

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