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Social Life After Hair Transplant Operation

social life

I am planning to have FUE hair transplant but as my job’s requirements, I am always in touch with many people. Because of that, it’s important for me to know the details of the healing process. How many days later can I go outside? When can I join to social life without noticeable hair transplant?

By wearing a thin and loose hat, you can easily go back to your work and your social life between 7-10 days. On When you start to work again, you also will have short hair appearance.

On the other hand, there can only be blushing, according to your skin color and sensitivity.

Is it proper to travel after a hair transplantation? Will there any medical obstacles and what kind of issues I will face?

Primarily, there is no problem for you to travel after a hair transplantation surgery. People which going to have a hair transplantation surgery are coming to our country for hair transplant and they are going back to their countries in a short period.

On the other hand, while traveling, the people that you will be in contact may talk about your hair transplant more than your business, and that might be annoying for you.

When can I return to my sports activities after my surgery?

It is beneficial for you to avoid any hard sports activities for 1 week. You can start with lighter basic exercises in 3-4 days according to your surgeon’s instructions.

I am planning to be married 6 months later. What kind of appearance will I have during the wedding?

After 6 months from a surgery, the patients mostly reaches a nice appearance esthetically.

On your wedding day, even your hair is not fully grown, you probably will be satisfied with your appearance.

I am a long distance ship captain and I will have to sail 5 days after my surgery. What kind of troubles will I going to face in the ship, with during the treatment process?

If there is no any negative situation of water quality on the ship and you pay attention to taking the necessary medicines with yourself, you will probably have no problems at all. Still, you should be watchful about the hygiene of the ship.

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