I Have Serious Hair Loss After My Diet

I have serious hair loss after my diet

I am 32 years old. I lost 21 kg a year ago through a special diet. I realized thinning on my hair on the 5th month, nut I considered it as temporary and ignored it. I experienced hair loss in 6th and 7th momth. My dietitian mentioned that it can be caused by vitamin deficiency. I started to take vitamin supplements. The hair loss has slowed down and it did not increase in last 4 months, but my hair has not grown back yet. No problem was found on my blood and hormone tests. Right now I am on the verge of a decision of rather or not having hair transplantation or other alternative treatments.

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Hair Loss and Diet

I am losing weight rapidly with the new diet I started, but I am facing hair loss as well. At first, I was told it was temporary; but now I think it is more and more serious.

It is a common issue to experience hair loss during and after intense dieting programs. It can be caused by occurrence of vitamin deficiency during body’s adaptation to new diet program. It would be beneficial for you to share this situation with your dietitian and trying to find a solution for your hair loss with help of an expert. Read More