Scar Revisions After FUT Hair Transplantation

Scar revisions increase every other day in correlation with proliferation of FUE hair transplantation. There are hair transplantation center providing scar revisions only by FUE hair transplantation method, as well as hair transplantation centers which are providing to open up scar and close it better than before. Read More

FUE Hair Transplantation and Fut Hair Transplantation

FUE Hair Transplantation and Fut Hair Transplantation

Both hair transplantation methods differ especially on collecting techniques. Result of hair transplantation performed by plastic surgeon specialized on hair transplantation will be positive regardless of using FUE Hair Transplantion or FUT  Hair Transplantion methods. Read More

Hair Loss and Diet

I am losing weight rapidly with the new diet I started, but I am facing hair loss as well. At first, I was told it was temporary; but now I think it is more and more serious.

It is a common issue to experience hair loss during and after intense dieting programs. It can be caused by occurrence of vitamin deficiency during body’s adaptation to new diet program. It would be beneficial for you to share this situation with your dietitian and trying to find a solution for your hair loss with help of an expert. Read More