Hair Transplantation Diary

Hair transplantation operation day

Weeks after, I am finally mentally ready for my hair transplantation operation, and I woke up around 6 am. Even I feel ready; I do know that I am nervous a little. It is just like that tingling feeling in stomach just before the long bus travels. I ask myself again, should I shampoo my hair during my daily shower. I dried my hair well, and had a light breakfast as my doctor suggested. I am also not smoking a cigarette after breakfast as suggested by my doctor. Read More

Questions from You About Hair Loss – 3

When my hair loss increased rapidly since age of 20, I had a few interviews with hair transplantation centers; but I was afraid of Fut hair transplantation operation, therefor I started to use prosthesis hair. Now I am 34 years old and advancements in FUE hair transplantation methods made me reconsider hair transplantation option again. Before I come in for hair transplantation examination, I would like to ask you these: Read More

Have The Pleasure of Touching Your Hair

There are two things in this world that a human desires: first one is being healthy, and second one is being happy. Both of them are irreplaceable for people. But, of course these two are depended on some conditions. That means, a person should put some efforts in for happiness. No happiness comes through without a given effort. Every job done should provide benefit the person. Read More