Fearsome 7 of Hair Transplantation

Sudden hair loss is a fearsome natural process for anyone considering hair transplantation. Sudden hair loss usually occurs after hair transplantation as a loss or thinning of hair in non-transplanted parts. Non-transplanted hair gets into telogen phase –which means resting state – on people who experience sudden hair loss. Hair in this phase will move to anagen phase (regrown) in a few months along with transplanted hair. Read More

FUE Hair Transplantation and Fut Hair Transplantation

FUE Hair Transplantation and Fut Hair Transplantation

Both hair transplantation methods differ especially on collecting techniques. Result of hair transplantation performed by plastic surgeon specialized on hair transplantation will be positive regardless of using FUE Hair Transplantion or FUT  Hair Transplantion methods. Read More

Have The Pleasure of Touching Your Hair

There are two things in this world that a human desires: first one is being healthy, and second one is being happy. Both of them are irreplaceable for people. But, of course these two are depended on some conditions. That means, a person should put some efforts in for happiness. No happiness comes through without a given effort. Every job done should provide benefit the person. Read More