Micro Fue Hair Transplantation

Micro Fue Hair Transplantation

I am always in interaction with people through my job. I live in Italy. After a yearlong research, I decided that Istanbul has the best hair transplantation centers available. After the interviews I had here, I decided that fue hair transplantation would be the best option for me between all the unscarred hair transplantation options. On the other hand, I cannot have a short haircut to have hair transplantation. I spent 2-3 days in Istanbul in a month, and I only can give 1 day for hair transplantation. In the light of gathered information, I want to learn about; rather it is possible or not to have 300-500 follicles transplantation every time I come to Istanbul. Could hair transplantation be made by checking the pictures I sent? If it is possible, I would like to have hair transplantation along a year by cutting some parts of my hair each time.

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Is Black Tea Beneficial Against Hair Loss?

I am fighting against hair loss for the last two years, and I can say it has slowed down by the help of minoxidil and finasteride. I am following the scientific developments about hair loss and hair transplantation as expected. I read a few scientific articles about benefits of black tea against to hair loss. Even I am not fully capable of the subject, it is so exciting to know there could be natural solutions. Read More

Hair Transplantation Diary 2

1 day after hair transplantation operation

Today is my first day after hair transplantation operation and I barely woke up at 11 am. I think I slept deeply because of my tiredness and effects of drugs. I got prepared and was careful about my head; but next minute I was deeply asleep. I woke up same position I fell asleep, with two pillows under my head. It was scary to see blood on the towel over pillows. It is comforting that I was informed about it prior to hair transplantation. First thing I did was going to mirror. There is a dark red colored swelling over the black bandage on my head. My son said my head looks like a dolphin head during our breakfast. I decided to take care of myself after taking my medicines following the breakfast. It is surprising that I have no pain after hair transplantation. They said it could have ached a little. Numbness behind my head is my only complaint. Read More