Is Black Tea Beneficial Against Hair Loss?

I am fighting against hair loss for the last two years, and I can say it has slowed down by the help of minoxidil and finasteride. I am following the scientific developments about hair loss and hair transplantation as expected. I read a few scientific articles about benefits of black tea against to hair loss. Even I am not fully capable of the subject, it is so exciting to know there could be natural solutions. Read More

Hair Transplant Surgery in Istanbul Next Month.

I am from Norway and planning to have a hair transplant surgery in Istanbul next month.
My main concern is the price differences among the hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul. Mostly the services such as transfers and medications are included in the prices. As a result I want to know if there is a missing point while choosing the best hair transplant clinic for the best price. Read More

Hints for hair transplant in Istanbul

Hints for hair transplant in Istanbul

If the price is so low and the service package is too crowded with a lot of side services be careful.Most probably medical service had a missing point or there is an illegal issue with the medical service provider.

Don’t let the hotel,tours  and gifts make you blind. Do not forget that you came to Istanbul for the best surgical service not for entertainment. Read More