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The 5 Rules to Consider while Choosing Your Doctor for Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant
  1. Does your doctor own resources and equipment for larger operations? It is important for your hair transplant results to have nurses and technicians with proper hair transplant

  1. Does your doctor examine you as whole? Be sure that you are advised about not only for surgical options but also non-surgical options.
  2. Does your clinic care about patient’s comfort? Many clinics might tell you about how many grafts they can transplant in how much time instead of thinking the comfort of the patient. Of course the amount and speed of transplanted grafts are important, but it is important for you to know that how your operation will be like.
  3. Does your doctor’s patients are hair transplant patients in majority? If you want to have better results, you should be working with a doctor who is mostly performing hair transplant and has an experienced team.
  4. Can your doctor show the perfect results of his/her previous patients? You can see how many patients did your doctor have and how good hair transplantation results he/she received through checking before and after pictures.

Last advice:

Always search your doctor’s information in forums. Other patients’ experiences will guide you.

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