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The Day of FUE Hair Transplantation Operation

FUE hair transplantation

      The Day of FUE Hair Transplantation Operation

  • Hair transplantation costs are paid following the filling required forms at 08:00 am.
  • Necessary reminders about hair transplantation and consultation for final hair transplantation plan.
  • Several pictures of head for medical records.
  • Suitable surgical gown is worn.
  • Haircut is made for FUE hair transplantation through doctor’s supervision (There is no need for full hair cut in case of mini FUE sessions).
  • Local anesthesia is performed by doctor for the hair transplantation receiver.
  • Genetically stronger hair follicles are collected from ear and nape area by 0.7 mm / 0.8 mm / 0.9 mm punch at the end of 15 minute waiting time.
  • Meanwhile, attended nurses clean the fat and tissue around the collected follicles.
  • Collection of follicles is completed by noon.
  • If it is necessary, local anesthesia is repeated following lunch break.
  • Your doctor starts to open canals that were agreed prior to surgery, and prepares tge recipient area. During this process, follicle directions and frequency are determined by your doctor.
  • Nurses start to place prepared follicles under your doctor’s supervision.
  • Hair transplantation process is completed with a follow-up consultation in the evening.
  • During the final consultation, your doctor evaluates the hair transplantation results. He/she discusses with you about the medicines will be used.
  • Your long time desired FUE hair transplantation surgery is completed, and you are at the very beginning of long term exciting wait


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