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What Happens After FUE Hair Transplantation? – 1

After FUE Hair Transplantation

First days

Pain and comfortless

Low level of pain can be felt in first hours following FUE hair transplantation. You can easily overcome it by taking painkillers. Medicines before bed time will provide you a long and nice night sleep. Most people do not need to take drugs for sleeping after the first night.

Formation of edema

It is possible to have edema formation after the third (3rd) day. Formation of edema on eye bottoms and temporal area is a part of healing process. There is chance for no edema formation. Usually formation of edema is experienced three (3) to four (4) days after FUE hair transplantation. Patients can use steroid for preventing edema formation as advised by doctor. Sleeping in half sitting position and keeping your upper half body in higher position will help to minimalize edema formation.


Change on scalp color can last for a few days on surgery area and surroundings after FUE hair transplantation. It is possible to cover these areas with a hat. Transplantation between the hairs will provide better and easier covering.


Hair wash is performed day after FUE hair transplantation and training is provided as well. After a regular hair wash for a week, the operation area will be scabbed completely. After using moisturizer and special shampoo, scabs will be gone in ten to twelve (10-12) days.

Feeling of itch and pain

Healing process of all kinds of scars can cause feeling of itch and pain. This feeling on the donor and recipient site after FUE hair transplantation operation will be disappeared by time. If the inconvenient feeling rapidly increases, your doctor may suggest a steroid medicine.

Hair wash after FUE hair transplantation

It is really important to be extra careful while washing your hair in first 10 days after FUE hair transplantation operation. You are supposed to follow the provided washing directions.

Going back to work after FUE hair transplantation

You need to be really careful for the first four days after operation. If you need to lift heavy things, bend over frequently, stretch, work physically or exposure to chemicals, it is beneficial for you to stay away until the acute era is ended.

Keeping your hair transplantation as confidential and having one (1) to two (2) weeks long vacation would be beneficial.

Physical activities after FUE hair transplantation

You need to stay away from sports involving physical contact for a month. Mid-level personal sports are allowed after the fourth day.

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