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Which Doctor Owns The Before and After Hair Transplant Pictures?

hair transplant pictures

It is essential to visit many clinics and gathered information from these clinics before hair transplant operation.

We usually hear about patient complaints about not being able to interview with operating doctor. I do not think more comment is needed on this issue. This is your right and you must see the operating doctor prior to operation.

Also, another disregarded issue is the pictures before the hair transplant.

The clinics you have visited will provide you endless before and after pictures. It is vital information for our decision process. Well, are you sure that the shown pictures are the results of your hair transplant operating doctor? Let’s take a quote from one of our patients’ words:

I was on the edge of decision and I contacted a few clipnics. I was interviewing with a doctor in his early 30s. He mentioned that he was working on hair transplantation for 3 years and he performed many operations. Everything seemed legit. Environment was professional and my doctor looked qualified. When I wanted to see before and after pictures, a big folder full of tens of pictures was brought; and many happiness giving pictures were in front of me. But, then I realized the dates on pictures. 2007-2008-2009, as an engineer I am always good with numbers, and it was obvious these pictures were not presenting the results of my doctor’s operations. Still, I ask him if the pictures were belonged to his operations. I received an honest answer. ‘No, these are clinic’s pictures for operations.’ At that exact time, I realized that the most important thing for making a decision is to see the operating doctor’s pictures of the results of his operations.

In this rush, everyone misses that it is essential to be a brand in hair transplantation; but the brand will not perform your hair transplant, your doctor will. Therefore, be insisting on seeing the results of your doctor’s operations.

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