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Which Seasons Have Lower Prices for Hair Transplantation?

hair transplantation

Hair transplantation operations are one of the preferred surgeries in both summer and winter seasons. These 12 months of high demand keeps hair transplantation centers from offering hair transplantation discounts or hair transplantation promotions. It would be beneficial for having discounted prices on hair transplantation to have early reservations or be on the waitlist for any last minute cancellations.

What are the additional costs after hair transplantation?

Additional costs following hair transplantation can differ depending on the contract you had with hair transplantation center. Usually, medicines which you will be using after hair transplantation will be provided by hair transplantation centers. Some of the suggested paid supported treatments and products after hair transplantation are finasteride, minoxidil, laser comb, vitamin supports, and PRP hair treatment.

Is Hair Transplantation Suggested For Summer?

Hair transplantation operation can be planned regardless of the seasons. Issues you should be careful about after hair transplantation, which you can have in summer or winter, are related to your social life mostly.

If you have hair transplantation in summer, you should be avoiding sunlight and swimming for 10 days.

In winter, you are advised to use hats in order to protect you from cold after hair transplantation.

The perfect time for hair transplantation is the time you can take care of yourself away from busy work schedule and stress.

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