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Why Hair Transplantation?

hair transplantation result

Hair transplantation is globally considered as most efficient treatment for replacing loss hair. The most important reason for this, without a doubt, that the result is permanent. Other reasons are; hair transplantation provides results with natural appearance and it is an easier surgical treatment compared to others.

Hair transplantation is the permanent solution

Hair transplantation is undoubtedly the permanent surgical solution, because the hair collected from donor site (area on back of your head between the ears) are resistant to DHT hormone and chance of weakening and loss of hair is minimal to none.
Our doctors may suggest you Laser treatment, minoxidil, or finasteride based treatments according to level of your hair loss. Therefore, you will be able to protect your non-resistant to DHT hormone hair against hair loss.

Your own hair for the most natural result

Even covering the bald area by using hair prosthesis, hair building fibers and likewise artificial products against to hair loss seem like an easier solution, nothing will be a better solution than a successful hair transplantation result of using your own hair. It will be possible for you to get the results with natural appearance, which even your loved cannot tell the difference, through our hair transplantation operation applied  by our leading specialists plastic surgeons.
Getting an appointment without a hesitation for our doctors and sparing one hour for us will be a big step forward for that magnificent change in your life.

How to determine frontal hairline in hair transplant?

Doctor’s skills on cosmetics are clearly significant for determining the frontal line in hair transplantation. Nevertheless, frontal hairline is primarily determined by doctor and patient’s consultation prior to hair transplantation. On the other hand, a doctor, with code of ethics, would plan the frontal hairline by not only considering current conditions but also predicting the further situation of your hair.

Basically, conditions below are considered for determining frontal hairline.

1- Golden ratio

2- Age factor

It is totally natural to have receding hairline as we age. For this reason, it is essential to have frontal hairline plan that is suitable for patient’s age. Otherwise, we would face with an unnatural hair transplantation result.

 Recipient site

In situation of hair loss level with Norwood 5 and over, the frontal line should be planned for a higher placement than the golden ratio. It should be remembered that donor site cannot cover the bald site entirely.

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