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Why My Hair Grow Thin After Hair Transplantation Surgery?

after hair transplantation

I am 31 years old, and last year I had hair transplantation in Istanbul. Almost everything went smooth during FUE hair transplantation method. My only problem was that my doctor did not personally collect the hair follicles from donor site. But, I was told that the collector was a specialist in the field. I was told that 5000 grafts were transplanted during hair transplantation. I returned to my country after I spent a few days in Istanbul following my hair transplantation. I have not realized big difference up until six months after hair transplantation; but around 8th and 9th months I realized transplanted hair was growing. Right now I am on 13th month, and covering effect of 5000 transplanted grafts is simply insufficient. My dermatologist has confirmed that growing hair was singular. As a result, I want to ask these:

What is the reason of singular hair growth of transplanted hair? Can insufficient blood circulation prevent dual and triple hair growth?

Could it be caused by wrongful action during healing period?

I do not have the information of the hair count on transplanted 5000 grafts. All the grafts might be singular. If so, is this a hair transplantation mistake?

How can I change this unnatural, thin looking hair appearance?

Usually, grafts and hair count are mixed together because of the hair transplantation centers that are more qualified on marketing than actual surgical skills. As it should be remembered, hair amount per graft determines the cover effect on recipient area. Usually frontal hairline is consisted by singular grafts, and dual and triple grafts can be seen on the way back. On the other hand, it is possible to have singular grafts; but in your case it seems like, you have received FUE hair transplantation of 5000 grafts which were probably thinned and then transplanted. It would provide you a certain result to ask for the exact amount of transplanted hair from the hair transplantation center you have FUE hair transplantation. In order to improve your situation, you may need to have hair frequency increasing hair transplantation operation.


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