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Why You Lose Hair?

Why you lose Hair

Why You Lose Hair?

Hair loss can be caused by many problems such as hormonal instability and aging. Baldness increases in accordance with early hair loss on head area.

There are hair loss caused by burn and various traumas along with other triggers. Hair loss occurs daily on a healthy person. If the hair loss is above average, it can be a sign of baldness. Hair has a great importance for all nations of the world. Person who suffers from hair loss might be devastated both physically and mentally. People use several methods to get rid of this problem. But, an efficient treatment cannot be applied without the knowledge of hair loss cause. Therefore, person who suffers from hair loss should visit a doctor as soon as possible. 90% of average person’s hair grows rapidly. Growth stage for hair calculated as 2-6 months. The rest 10% stays still in resting stage. During rest stages, lost hair is being replaced by new hair. This cycle continues along the lifetime. Most of the observed hair loss is occurred as a result of this cycle. If hair loss increases rapidly, this signs a beginning of a problem. After the examination by your doctor, you can have a hair transplantation if it is advised so. Hair transplantation is preceded by transferring healthy hair to hair loss area. During hair transplantation process, hair follicles are collected from person’s body. In order to have a successful procedure under local anesthesia, you should go through a specialized clinic.

Going through unqualified institutes for hair transplantation might cause you to lose your healthy hair as well.

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