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You Can Have Fue Hair Transplantation Without a Haircut

nsf hair transplantation

One of the last developments in hair transplantation field is No Shave Fue Method (NSF Method), and it is getting more and more popular hair transplantation method for those who want to have hair transplantation.

The length of social recovery following hair transplantation operation is causing a delay for many men and women hair transplantation dreams. As a result of this, NSF hair transplantation method provides these advantages with its higher number of frequency than the trial stages:

√ Operation scars are not visible on donor and recipient sites following the NSF Hair Transplantation.

√ Since your hair is not short, there would not be any attention towards you hair and you do not feel uncomfortable.

√  You can go back to your daily routine in no time by NSF Hair Transplantation.

√ You would not have to stay away from you busy schedule or important meeting.

Along with its preferred advantages, NSF hair transplantation has also some disadvantage:

X Since the result can be observed instantly following the NSF hair transplantation, the result will take attention.

X  This change might have a negative effect by temporary hair loss in 4 weeks.

X Longer applying times and more needed skills for NSF hair transplantation operations raise the price of operation.

X  Since it is not suitable for all kind of hairs, it can be decided after additional consulting and 10 minute trial with your doctor.



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